Emplois et carrière

ICT Engineer

Employment type: Full time
Terminability: unlimited
Position type: Employee
The system engineer is responsible for analyzing, implementing and managing the ICT-applications (software and/or hardware) with focus on offering technical solutions to optimize organizational processes.

  • You are responsible for the daily operational management of the activities within the field, possible in cooperation with extern partners in order to secure the smooth progress and the efficiency.  
  • You take part of the need analysis with the user, you
    create the flowcharts and the detail analyses in order to know the needs of the user, evaluate and make smooth programming possible. 
  • You are responsible of the daily organization of the activities of less experienced employees so that you can have an optimal realization within the ICT-team.

  • You have a profound knowledge of Microsoft 365, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP. 
  • SQL server, Sharepoint and Microsoft Azure and VMware are part of your skills. 
  • You master Veeam and networks as CISCO. 
  • You realize technical complex projects: developments, programs, testing and maintain of the software application and/or hardware in order to ensure the applications answers, now and in the future, to the established quality norms and flawless operation.
  • You make documentation regarding the developments and improvements in the ICT field in order to dispose of a good basis to facilitate adjustments to the applications / programs in the future.
  • You maintain contacts with users for need analysis.
  • Also you support users in solving issues


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